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Our 5-day program is equivalent to approximately 78 hours. Our program includes 2 weeks of home study to learn the safety information that will help you pass airline training, plus 5 information-packed days in beautiful, exciting Orlando, Florida, where we will guide you through the challenging interview process and prepare you for your interview – that’s all you need! You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course, and airline directory and personalized coaching.


When you get to class, we will thoroughly review with you the information you have been studying and test you on it; your test score will be sent to the airlines as part of your referral, so it’s important that you study well! The rest of the class time is spent helping prepare you for the interview and the job. We will practice with you to help you develop your potential; we’re right there beside you all the way. Upon graduation you will receive our certificate and we continue to work with you after you leave class, assisting you with setting up interviews and referring you to airlines.


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Wendy Stafford Flight Attendant Express

Our founder, Wendy Stafford, has been featured as an aviation expert on CNN, FOX, NPR, NY Times, Diane Sawyer Eve. News and more!

Wendy Stafford
Our President, is a former flight attendant with Delta and Eastern Airlines.
She was Assistant to the Flight Attendant Base Manager at ATA in Orlando for 2 years and Flight Attendant Manager in the precertification process of a start-up airline. Wendy completed Flight Safety International’s FlightAttendant Recruiting program. She has a 12-year background in psychiatric nursing, developing and implementing self-esteem programs and facilitating wellness workshops. She is a graduate of the Lisa Maile Image Program in Winter Park, Florida. Wendy has been widely quoted, including comments in the best-selling book “Flying High - How JetBlue Founder and CEO David Neeleman Beats the Competition” by James Wynbrandt.

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